Avocado Tree Climate

Avocado tree

Avocado tree

What is the proper climate to grow an avocado tree, and are there any restrictions as to their growing conditions?  What kind of soil do they prefer, and what are the optimal conditions as far as watering and sunlight?

Avocado trees are native to South and Central America and thrive in tropical environments, but can also do well in subtropical climates.  In the United States, they may be grown in the southern region of the country from central and southern California across to Texas and North Carolina and can survive low temperatures in the range of 40 to 45°F.

Soil conditions for Avocado Trees

An avocado tree is very finicky about its soil conditions.  It is prone to root rot, and therefore must be planted in soil that is well-drained as it cannot tolerate root saturation for more than 48 hours.  They are also sensitive to salt toxicity so the tree should be watered regularly as well as being located in well-drained soil.

They grow into huge trees of 30 to 40 feet and will have extensive root systems so it is important to have good organic soil depth of 12 to 15 feet.  One of the most important keys to growing a healthy avocado tree is the soil drainage factor, it is absolutely critical.

Shade or sunlight?

Before an avocado tree has matured, it is sensitive to light and should not be planted in areas of intense sunlight.  They do better when covered by mature trees or shaded in some other manner such as a shade cover that you may erect.  Once the tree has an established root system, it does well in direct sunlight and requires it in order to produce fruit.

An avocado tree produces a lot of fruit and requires lots of nutrients and watering, although it is best not to fertilize the tree until it is at least one year old.  Use any citrus fertilizer on a yearly basis.  Every couple of days give it it slow and steady watering, allowing the roots to thoroughly dry in between to prevent root rot.

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