25 Household Items Cockroaches Are Attracted To

When you have a cockroach infestation, it's important to understand why. Thankfully, getting rid of roaches via do-it-yourself roach control products is a straightforward process. But you may be curious as to why and how roaches get in your home in the first place. Usually, it's a simple answer: roaches migrate chiefly to satisfy needs for food, water, shelter, and mating. Eliminating food and water sources (think kitchen and bathroom) is the best first step. But cockroaches can also be attracted by unusual items that you normally wouldn't associate with roaches. Let's take a look at 25 strange things that attract cockroaches, many of which may surprise you. Coffee beans, coffee grounds, and tea: Wet coffee grounds and tea bags are magnets for roaches. Not only a water source, … [Read More]

Do Cockroaches Make Any Audible Noise?

Is a cockroach infestation something you can actually hear? There are exceptions (keep reading), but roaches are generally quiet creatures. Any noise they create can alert predators (including us humans) to their presence. So roaches have evolved a stealthy mode of operation, and tread lightly. Most every aspect of the roaches lifestyle is designed around covert operation.  For example, roaches are nocturnal. That is, they are most active at night. Roaches are avoidant of light, another protective behavior that helps them hide from threats. Making distinct noises would go totally against a roaches mode of operation. That being said, there are some cases where you can actually hear a roach. Roaches make noises as they scurry and jump In a quiet room at night, you can sometimes … [Read More]

Cluster of Mosquito Bites: Why and How to Treat

Do mosquitoes bite in clusters? Yes, sometimes a single mosquito bites a bunch of times around the same location. I often get a cluster of bites on my feet. The extremities ( hands and feet) are the most likely location for many bites, although anywhere on the body is possible. Keep in mind, however, that many insect bites look similar to mosquito bites and it's easy to get them confused. For example, mites and bed bugs also bite in clusters and have a similar appearance. If the cluster of bites happened at night while sleeping, this is a possible explanation. If you mhave dogs in your house, fleas can bite people, too. But mosquitoes are notorious for biting at night, as well. In this article, we take a look at why mosquitoes bite in clusters, and how best to treat the associated … [Read More]

How to Treat a Lipoma at Home with Thuja Oil

Lipoma removal traditionally involves one of two methods. Surgery removes the mass in its entirety, and usually prevents a recurrence or regrowth of the lipoma.  Lipoma removal surgery is minimally invasive, and usually requires only local anaesthetic. Liposuction is another option, best suited for small-to-medium sized lipomas. The major advantage of liposuction is that it leaves a smaller permanent scar. The disadvantage is that regrowth of the lipoma is more likely. Thuja is another, all-natural way to treat lipoma. It is a homeopathic treatment, and will therefore likely not be recommended by a medical professional. Yet, thuja has been used to treat various skin ailments since at least the 18th century. Many people have used thuja to successfully remove unsightly lipomas. A … [Read More]

Why Mosquitoes Bite at Night While You Sleep

Mosquitoes love to attack at night while a person is in bed sleeping. Personally, I often get mosquito bites in clusters on my feet while I'm sleeping or out-and-about at night. If a hungry mosquito is on a rampage in your room at night, there are several tricks you can use to protect yourself (described below).  One is to turn the artificial light on. This tricks the little bastage into thinking it is daytime. Give it a try. It works. The mosquito usually goes back into hiding and leaves me alone. Why do mosquitoes prefer to feed at night, and what can we do to protect ourselves? Let's take a look. It's safer for mosquitoes to be active at night For a moment, put yourself in the shoes of a hungry mosquito. You know that your life is in mortal danger every time you go in for a … [Read More]