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7 Pro Tips for Mixing Protein Powder With Coffee

A protein shake in the morning is a great start to the day. There's no limit to the healthy ingredients you can throw in a shake, so it's easy to keep it fresh. And the big dose of protein keeps me feeling full all the way until lunch time. I'm also a red-blooded American, so I like to have morning coffee every day, too. Before I moved to Asia, I homebrewed Starbucks coffee every day for 20 years.  To this day, something about a Starbucks coffee just makes the world seem good again. But when I make a protein shake, it's usually pretty big. Drinking both a coffee and a protein shake is too much. So for me, it's better to combine coffee and protein powder into one drink. It's just more manageable. Problem is, protein powder doesn't play nice with hot coffee. Worst case you get a … [Read More]

Fat Burning Protein Powder is a Myth, a Gimmick

Fat burning protein powder isn't a real thing. So please don't be a sucker and purchase a product that advertises itself as such. "Fat burning" is a marketing gimmick used to promote all kinds of products. I don't know how they are allowed to get away with it because it is patently untrue. But they do it because it works. And it works well. Unwitting consumers gobble up "fat burning" foods because it sounds like a magical, easy way to lose weight. Wouldn't it be great if all we needed to do to lose weight was eat fat burning products. No exercise, no diet plan necessary. What a dream. It sounds too good to be true, and it is to get to be true. The truth is that no food or product can "burn" fat. Everything we consume breaks down into the basic nutritional components of protein, … [Read More]

Protein Powder Often Still Edible After Expiration Date

Protein powder is expensive. Don't trash it just because it's past the expiration date. The truth is that protein powder usually doesn't spoil until years after the printed expiration date. In this article, I explain why that is the case. And I show you how to examine protein powder for telltale signs that it is going bad. Learn why in most cases, old protein powder is perfectly safe to eat, although it might not taste as good as it once did. An expiration date is a notoriously conservative estimate The FDA requires that all perishable foods have an expiration date printed on the packaging. Expiration dates, however, are merely conservative estimates on when food will begin to turn. It is well documented that foods are often edible past this date. Therefore, it's never a good idea … [Read More]

Mixing Protein Powder with Oatmeal is a Great Match

Is it a good idea to put protein powder in oatmeal? Absolutely. Oatmeal is super healthy, but nutritionally it is almost all carbohydrates. So it is good idea to enhance the nutritional profile of oatmeal by mixing in any number of additional ingredients. (See my list of the top 10 ingredients to put in oatmeal.) There are a couple of easy ways to get your protein powder/oatmeal fix. You can simply add a scoop or two of protein powder directly to your morning bowl of oatmeal. Or if you like to make protein shakes, try blending in a few tablespoons of oatmeal flakes. (There are tips on both of these methods below.) Protein powder nicely complements high-carb oatmeal Oatmeal is made by simply cutting dried oats into flakes. Why is it so healthy? Because oats are great source of … [Read More]

Can Diabetics Drink Protein Powder Shakes?

Is it safe for diabetics to consume protein powder? Yes, however, it is important for diabetics to choose a powder that is sugar-free and as close to pure protein powder as possible. Many protein powders have artificial flavors and added sugars to make the powder taste more palatable. For this reason, diabetics should check the nutrition label and ingredients list carefully. Also, when making protein shakes, diabetics also need to be mindful of the added ingredients they use to flavor the shake. Fruits, for example, are often added to protein shakes to give them flavor and increase nutritional value. Diabetics should keep in mind, however, that sugar from fruits that have been liquefied in the blender absorb into the bloodstream much faster than whole fruits. Protein powder and … [Read More]