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Cockroach Eggs in Tongue From Licking Envelopes?

There was a story on CNN recently about a woman who cut her tongue while licking envelopes. Supposedly, the the cut on her tongue developed into a severe infection. When she went to have it checked at the hospital, the story goes that the doctor lanced the infection and to […]

Is Killing Cockroaches a Sin?

The question of whether killing a cockroach is a sin is open to interpretation depending on one’s individual perspective and belief system. The Bible, Koran, and other spiritual books do not mention specifically the killing of cockroaches or other insects as a sin in their texts. So there is no […]

How Long Does It Take for a Cockroach to Starve?

Roaches have legendary abilities to sustain themselves on very little. You may have heard the incredible myth about roaches being the only animal to survive a nuclear war, or being able to live for months without food or water? Cockroaches rarely starve to death naturally because their diet is so […]

Are Cockroaches Immortal or Invincible?

Have you¬†heard stories about cockroaches being immortal and immune to the effects of radiation?¬†There is a popular myth that cockroaches would be one of the only surviving animals on the planet in the event of a nuclear war. Although this makes for an interesting story, the truth is that although […]

Are Cockroaches Edible and Healthy to Eat?

You probably consider eating a cockroach disgusting, because in Western society we do not value insects as a food source. We largely consider them dirty creatures that need to be eradicated, not eaten. But do you know that cockroaches are eaten by people in many different countries and cultures around […]