A Cockroach

Is Killing Cockroaches a Sin?

The Bible and other spiritual text do not mention specifically the killing of cockroaches or other insects as a sin, so there is no hard and definite answer to that question. Most people would probably not consider killing a cockroach a sin, but it is up to … [Read More...]

A Cockroach

How Long Does It Take for a Cockroach to Starve?

A cockroach can usually live for about 7 to 10 days without water, and can go for at least 30 days with no food before it starves. It is almost impossible for cockroach to starve to death in the wild unless it is enclosed or trapped, because of its uncanny … [Read More...]

German Cockroach

Are Cockroaches Immortal?

There are rumors about cockroaches being immortal, and immune to the effects of radiation. There is a popular myth that cockroaches would be the only surviving animal in the event of a nuclear holocaust. The truth is that although cockroaches are very hardy … [Read More...]


Are Cockroaches Edible and Healthy to Eat?

Yes, cockroaches are edible and healthy to eat provided that they are cooked properly to ensure that bacteria present on the body is killed prior to eating. You probably consider eating a cockroach disgusting, as in Western society we do not value insects … [Read More...]

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Are Cockroaches Dangerous to Cats and Dogs?

Generally, cockroaches are not a threat to dogs and cats and they will avoid them in most circumstances just like they avoid humans. Cockroaches view cats and dogs as a threat to their existence that are better off avoided, so they usually run and hide when … [Read More...]

Sideview of a Roach

Are Cockroaches Cannibals?

In order to survive, cockroaches must be very opportunistic in regards to their food choices, and will eat just about anything. They are omnivores, eating both plants and animals and will in fact eat any organic compound including paper, carpet, furniture … [Read More...]

German Cockroach

Are Cockroaches Blind?

No, cockroaches are not blind, and in fact have a pair of compound eyes which do not provide sharp vision like human eyes, but are very good at detecting the movement of objects in their field of vision. Their eyes are also well equipped to operate … [Read More...]

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Are Cockroaches Born Pregnant?

No, cockroaches are not born pregnant. It takes about one year for a baby cockroach, called a nymph, to develop into an adult and become capable of reproducing. Cockroaches don't become pregnant, but rather they lay eggs in sacks of about 40 eggs each, and … [Read More...]

A Cockroach

Are Cockroaches Asexual?

No, cockroaches are not asexual, and require a mate to reproduce. Females lay up to 40 eggs at a time in a small case, called an ootheca, which looks like a purse shaped like a bean, and an adult female cockroach can lay eggs up to four times per year. Take … [Read More...]