Thuja Occidentalis for Warts Treatment

I normally recommend salicylic acid for first-line treatment for warts, but for young children the chemical can be too harsh for their skin. And some folks would rather use homeopathic medications, instead.

Many people find that thuja occidentalis is an effective alternative for removing their warts. It is applied just like salicylic acid, and comes in ointment or liquid form, which can be run directly on the wart. The top skin on the wart is burned off, and after a few applications the warts can be effectively removed.

It also works well removing skin tags from the skin, too. I still recommend salicylic acid first, because it is so highly effective and scientifically proven. But for young children and even pets, whose skin is more sensitive, thuja occidentalis is a viable alternative.

Warts are caused by the HPV virus, and as a virus are fought by the immune system. Many times warts will go away on their own when the immune system is strengthened and has the time to successfully fight the virus.

This is especially true of children who are more susceptible to warts that are adults, because their body has not built up immunity to the virus yet. This wait-and-see approach may be taken, if preferred, and is often successful.

Here is a chart comparing some of the popular brands of thuja occidentalis designed specifically for wart removal:

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Thuja ExtractThuja Ointment
Thuja ExtractThuja Ointment

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