Can Herpes Be Cured? Will There Ever Be a Cure for Herpes?

“Is there a cure for herpes?” When a person contracts the virus that is often the first question they have. Well, the fact is that although the medical community is still working towards one,  a total cure for herpes has not been discovered yet.  Unfortunately, the virus stays present in the body for a persons whole life span.

But he good news is that the herpes virus is not always in its active phase. Much of the time the virus lays dormant which means that no visible physical symptoms can be seen and no pain can be felt from the outbreaks.

So in answer to the question “Can herpes be cured?” the answer unfortunately is no, in the medical sense. The herpes virus will always be present, however not always active, in your system.

Will there ever be a cure for herpes?

It is a good bet that there will be continued progress in the development of treatments for herpes and there is the possibility that one day there will be a cure for the malady.  At this point it is simply unknown.

In lieu of a cure, some tips to keep herpes dormant

The best way to keep the virus dormant is to do everything possible to maintain a healthy body and immune system.  When the immune system is compromised, it lacks the resources to ward off the herpes virus.  That is why herpes outbreaks often occur when an individual is sick, such as with a cold, or just physically worn down due to stress or lack of sleep.  Live a healthy and wholesome lifestyle that promotes a strong immune system.

First, make sure that you eat healthy foods. Plenty of vegetables and fruits, and lean protein. Try to keep fat intake minimal, with most of it being monounsaturated fat like olive oil and other vegetable oils. Restrict the consumption of sugars, caffeine, and alcohol as all of these are toxins and put strain on the body.  Keep body weight within normal range so as not to tax the internal organs.

Get adequate sleep and live as stress free as possible. Try to make occupational and familial choices that allow you to keep your stress levels at manageable levels. Stress weakens our immune system and therefore makes us more susceptible to succumbing to herpes outbreaks.

So, without a definitive medical cure for the herpes simplex virus, the best we can do is to make changes in our own lifestyle to help our body’s natural defense go to work against the virus.

Most people, after getting over the initial shock of having contracted the virus, will find that herpes is ultimately manageable.  If lifestyle changes are not enough to make your symptoms disappear, seek your doctor’s advice. There are many herpes medications that he can prescribe for you that will help you.

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