Coffee Mate Health Risks, is Coffee Mate Bad for You?

Non dairy coffee whitener is seemingly ubiquitous wherever coffee is served these days. Unless you’re at an upscale shop like Starbucks they probably are not going to offer fresh cream or milk, but instead will have little packets of coffee creamer available.

There is definitely a convenience factor to coffee whiteners like Coffee Mate because they don’t need to be refrigerated and they have a very lengthy shelf life. It is also quite cheap, and you can buy a container that will last you months or years for just a little bit of money.

Most people don’t give a glancing thought as to any negative impacts that these creamers could have on their health. We have become so accustomed to them, and the serving size is so small that we think they just can’t really have any negative health impacts.

Unhealthy ingredients including trans fat in coffee whitener

The fact is that these products are definitely unhealthy for you. Take a look at the list of ingredients of a Coffee Mate coffee creamer, which is one of the leading brands on the market. You will notice a list of chemicals that you’ve probably never heard of before and are unsure of whether they are healthy or unhealthy.

You will also notice that the label touts that it is free of trans fat, when this is in fact untrue. Most brands of coffee creamer contain trans fat but they are allowed by the FDA to claim that they are trans fat-free if they contain less than a half gram of trans fat per serving. So because of this, they purposely craft their product to meet this criteria. It is just a marketing gimmick.

But any trans fat is unhealthy in your diet, regardless of what the FDA says. And many people don’t consume only one serving, but pour much more than one serving into a cup of coffee. And when you consider that these same people sometimes make many cups of coffee a day, it quickly adds up.

Do you want to trust your health to a list of chemicals and additives that were produced in the lab? It is not a good idea to do so, and more people should take stock of this.

It’s best to stick with all natural dairy creamer or soy milk

To protect the health of you and your family, I recommend that you only use all-natural creamers in your coffee. Cream probably tastes the best and makes the coffee taste smooth, while reducing the acidity. But cream is also very high in fat so it has its drawbacks.

Skim milk is a better choice but to many people it doesn’t taste as good. I personally use soy milk as a coffee creamer, because I’m a vegetarian, but I think anyone would also find that it is a great substitute for cows milk.

I feel soy milk is healthier than dairy as well, and I recommend that you give it a try. The only warning I will give you is to beware that regular soy milk brands often contain high amount of sugar. So browse the ingredients label before purchasing and make sure that will not be an issue.

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