Filiform Wart Removal on Eyelid

A wart that grows on the eyelid is most likely a filiform wart, and its removal can be tricky because of its proximity to the eye. It can be especially bothersome because the wart is constantly irritated when the eye is blinked.

Usually, over-the-counter medications for wart treatment are acceptable, but in the case of an eyelid wart you should seek professional medical help for removal. It is simply not worth risking damaging the eye by getting harsh chemicals in it.

Putting salicylic acid or any other harsh chemical on the eyelid is strongly advised against. It is too easy for the eye to become infected either during application, or when that person blinks his eyelids. Severe damage to the eye can easily be caused, so don’t try to treat the wart yourself but rather see your doctor.

Your doctor can use liquid nitrogen to burn the wart off in one session. He may also use a scalpel to cut the wart directly off your eyelid, depending on his preference. Sometimes, laser surgery or cryotherapy may be utilized for removal.

What is a filiform wart?

Filiform warts are unusual looking and do not have the same appearance as other type of warts. They look like a branch or twig sticking out from the skin, similar to a skin tag. They most frequently appear on the face or neck, and that is why they are termed facial warts. You may reference the picture of a filiform wart on an eyelid for more information.

A unique characteristic of the filiform wart is its rapid growth rate. They can grow from a small bump to much larger in just a matter of a few days, causing much itching and irritation.

They are caused by an infection of the HPV virus just like all other warts are. The virus is highly contagious and is contracted from an infected individual either through direct contact or by touching an object that an infected person has used.

A strong immune system is the key to the prevention of eyelid warts, so by eating right and living a healthy lifestyle you will be helping your body to prevent the development of warts.  Also, refrain from using towels or other items that have been used by anyone known to have filiform warts, to prevent contraction of the HPV virus.

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