Diabetic Myopathy Causes Muscular Degeneration

Myopathy is a systemic muscular disease which causes muscle fibers not to work properly and causes general muscle weakness in the area that it is affecting.  Myopathy may also cause muscle inflammation, spasms, and even paralysis.

There are many different causes of myopathy, but when the condition is caused by persistent high glucose levels it is referred to as “diabetic myopathy”.

It should not be confused with neuropathy which is used to describe damage and degeneration of nerve tissue, whereas myopathy refers to malfunction and degeneration of muscle tissue.

As diabetes progresses, sufferers often notice that their muscle strength deteriorates, which is sometimes localized to one or more areas of the body, and sometimes across the body as a whole.  The condition may manifest itself as muscle spasms or trembling in certain parts of the body such as the feet and hands.

Myopathy associated with diabetes mellitus is fairly rare and there is scant research available on the topic at this time.  Because the condition is systemic and often progresses, it is important to see your doctor to work out a proper treatment plan that is tailored to your specific symptoms and needs.

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