Can Kids Drink Decaf Coffee?

Is drinking decaf coffee harmful to children? You’ve may have heard the saying that drinking coffee will stunt your growth, but that is just a clever saying that a parent came up with to convince his child not to drink it. Is there really any truth to it?

Coffee contains some substances which could be harmful to children, but it will not hurt them if ingested in moderation. And “moderation” is the key word here. The bigger problem is that there is really no nutritional value to coffee, other than the minimal antioxidants it contains.

We normally want our children to always consume food and drinks that have a high nutritional quality, specially because this is during their formative years and anything they eat could play a part in their growth and development.

No long-term studies that I know of have been performed on the effects of coffee with kids. But common sense would tell you that a small cup of decaffeinated coffee every once in a while is not going to really harm your child.

I would definitely not recommend allowing your children to drink caffeinated coffee or any other caffeinated beverage for that matter. We all know how hyper and full of energy kids can be, and they don’t need the jolt of caffeine added on top of that.

Additionally, childrens’ systems are generally more sensitive than adults to toxins such as caffeine. It’s not a good idea to get them in the habit early to something that could develop into a problem later on.

But if your child is curious, or has already tried coffee and happens to love the taste, it won’t do a bit of harm to allow them the occasional cup as long as they understand that it is a treat and not something that is to be given too frequently.

From a health standpoint, it should be okay.

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