What Causes Roaches in the House?

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The common assumption is that a dirty home is the main reason why you would get cockroaches in the house.  It is true that an unkempt home with open food and water sources does attract them, but there are also other important reasons, too, that can contribute to an infestation.  You may be surprised to learn that one of the main factors is where you choose to live.

Do you live in a hot and humid location?

Although there are hundreds of different species of cockroach that are native to specific regions of almost every part of the globe, the vast majority of them prefer warm to hot, humid climates.  If you live in a southern state, like Florida, then you are living in “roach country” where they thrive because of the weather conditions.

You have a much greater chance of getting roaches in your home there than you would in the North, although cockroaches do thrive in Northern metropolises like New York and Philadelphia, where they are found less often in rural areas.

Do you live in a house or an apartment?

If you live in an apartment or condo, you could keep your home immaculate yet still have roaches.  That is because you have neighbors living directly adjacent to you they may not be as cleanly or prudent as you about roach control.  The roaches are attracted to food, water, and garbage in their apartment and then make the trek over to your home for a visit.

If you live in the single-family home, this is obviously less of a problem.  But the age of the structure makes a difference, too.  An older home is more likely to have roaches because most houses are constructed significantly of wood, which breaks down over time and attracts roaches which can actually feed on rotting wood.

Roaches can eat just about anything, so be vigilant

You must understand that roaches have to be very opportunistic in order to survive, and they are known to eat just about anything.  They can even eat inorganic objects such as fabric from clothes and furniture, and they love the smell of old boxes that you have stored in the closet.  The point is that anything in your home could potentially be roach food, so be vigilant about this and remove anything that may entice them.

Keep your home clean and tidy

And then, the most obvious reason you might get roaches is if your home is not neat and clean.  Roaches are driven by the search for food and water, so make sure not to leave any food out.  Wipe the counters clean after you eat and make sure that the floor is swept and vacuumed often.

In order to deal with the infestation, you may also make use of commercial roach killers.  One of the cheapest and most effective types to use is called boric acid, but you may also use roach traps are gels.  If you live in an apartment, ask them to send the exterminator over for a visit, too.

Cockroach Control: Terminate with Extreme Prejudice

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