Carpet Beetle Bites | Do Carpet Beetles Bite?

Carpet Beetles Can Bite!

Carpet Beetles Can Bite!

Do carpet beetles bite? Contrary to popular belief, carpet beetles rarely if ever bite humans. That is because adult carpet beetles feed on pollen and nectar from plants instead.  They can commonly be found feeding on the flowers of crape myrtle, buckwheat, and other plants that produce a large amount of pollen.

Carpet beetle larvae are the destructive juveniles that eat holes in organic material such as clothes and furniture upholstery. Don’t worry, although the larvae are a tremendous nuisance, they will not bite humans either.

If you have been bitten by a beetle-like creature it is more likely, although still uncommon, that you may have a cockroach bite. Simply scrub and clean the affected area with antibacterial agent, and the bite should go away in a matter of a few days just like any other insect bite.

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