Calamine Lotion On Acne

Calamine lotion is most well-known as a topical skin treatment for insect bites and chickenpox.  It also is effective for some people in helping to treat and relieve the symptoms of acne. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of treatments for acne can vary greatly for each person.

What works wonderfully for one person may not have the same affect on the next.  The root cause of acne is sometimes underlying nutritional or hygienic issues.  It is important for acne sufferers to also focus on improving these issues as well.

How to use calamine lotion for the treatment of acne?

First, wash the face with an all-natural and preservative free soap.  As usual, do not scrub or apply heavy pressure when washing.  You simply want to remove topical dirt and debris as well as natural skin oils.  Allow the skin to dry.

Next, apply the calamine lotion to the acne affected skin.  Let the calamine lotion dry and remain on the skin for at least an hour.  It is often most convenient to apply the lotion at night prior to going to bed, so that the lotion can dry and do its work overnight.

How does calamine lotion help with acne?

When calamine lotion dries, it draws moisture and oils from skin and acne, which is then washed away.  The lotion also has natural anti-allergy properties which help to reduce the symptoms of acne.

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