Is Avocado Seed Edible? Are Avocado Seeds Poisonous?

avocado seed

Avocado seed

Can you eat an avocado seed?  People have told me that they heard that the avocado seed is toxic and if you eat it you’ll get sick.  That is a myth, and the fact is that avocado seeds are edible and highly nutritious although slightly bitter tasting. The myth may be related to the fact that the avocado and many parts of the avocado tree, such as the bark and leaves, are toxic to some animals including cats, dogs, horses and more.

How to eat an avocado seed

Probably the favorite way for people to eat avocado seeds is blended into a fruit smoothie or protein shake.  The seed is very tough and fibrous and you will need a powerful food processor in order to grind it down.  I don’t recommend using one of the cheaper brands of blenders because it can tear them up pretty good.

Avocado seed nutrition

The avocado seed is packed with nutrients and other vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin E, and phosphorus.  Perhaps the healthiest element of the seed is its high quantity of soluble fiber, which excels at absorbing excess cholesterol out of our bloodstream.

Natural soluble fiber is somewhat difficult to find in foods, it can be found in oatmeal, but there is a much higher quantity in avocado seed.  The high fiber content will give your smoothie a thick texture, and it tastes best when it is sufficiently diluted.

Avocado seeds are high in tannin, which you may be familiar with from wine, which give them a somewhat bitter taste and red color.  Despite the taste, the seeds are not toxic and will not hurt you when consumed at reasonable levels.  Some people lead up to three avocado seeds daily with no ill effects.

Many folk remedies use avocado seed

There are an abundance of home and folk remedies that make extravagant health claims about the avocado seed.  They claim that it is high in Chi, the life force, and that it has many powers of health and healing.  Some people believe that eating avocado seeds will help to recover from sicknesses such as the flu quicker than you normally would.

Evolution of the seed

An interesting fact about the avocado seed is that it is much larger in size than the seeds of comparable fruits.  A common method of natural seed dispersal happens when an animal eats a whole fruit, swallowing its seed, which it then spreads through defecation.

There is a scientific theory that the avocado seed developed during prehistoric times when there were much larger animals on the Earth than there are now, who were large enough to swallow the seed whole and naturally disperse it in this way.  Currently, there are no animals that feed on the avocado seed that are large enough to do this.

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